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Networking and Volunteering, What’s the Point?

Throughout Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Kansas City Homes, you will find a plethora of agents and brokers volunteering their time with our local, state and national real estate associations. Often, these agents and brokers lead the busiest lives, but still seem to squeeze in enough time for association events and meetings.

What’s the point?

President, David Cooper, encourages everyone in the company to do what they can. Overall, it brings respect (and referrals) to BHG Kansas City Homes.

Broker/Owner Kathy Copeland, also finds importance in being active with the associations:

When an agent is involved in either a local or state association, they obviously are taking time away from their business, however, it is always returned to them two-fold through contacts, opportunities and knowledge. There is no replacement for the chance to be a part of the association. The interaction and friendships are unparalleled while giving to the associations and membership and this spills over to the company.

We certainly appreciate the time and efforts of those that place value on their association work and the branding of themselves and the company. Be BETTER. Take a look at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Kansas City Homes for your career.

Structure for Success

This week, we’re still on the topic of accountability. How can real estate agents benefit from an accountability partner?

Steve Moyer, our Leawood Broker, shares his thoughts about how accountability can help provide structure.

Most real estate agents fail due to a lack of structure and accountability.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  Most newly licensed agents fail because they don’t really try.  Succeeding in real estate requires hard work.  However, just working hard is not enough.  Being focused on the right activities and being efficient with your time is critical.  An accountability group or partner can provide that focus.  In a structured job, with a supervisor, you have specific objectives, schedules and budgets.  As an independent contractor you need to create your structure and accountability.  Having an accountability partner can keep you focused and on track.  

For accountability, you won’t find a more supportive company or group of agents in Kansas City than Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Kansas City Homes. Partner with the best, contact us today!

Consistency Brings Results

Today begins our discussion about accountability. What is it? Is it important in our industry? Will it make me successful?

Kicking off the discussion is Kathy Copeland, Broker/Owner of our 8101 College Blvd office:

Ever try to quit smoking, go on a diet or curtail your spending (shoes are a great example!)? It takes determination, on our own to either do something or not do something. The fact is, we can be good some of the time and then other times, we slack off. The same is true in real estate as we face each day with a list of things to do longer than the day itself. The first thing we face is what to do first and then following through. All that said, with an Accountability Partner or Group, we have a better chance on being consistent with someone watching us and making us accountable. Consistency brings results. If you are a junk eater like myself, it’s easier to eat and fool yourself into thinking it’s OK if no one is watching. However, when you have someone to whom you are accountable, you tend to rise to the occasion and do what you know needs done, either doing something or not doing it. An accountability partner is your conscience on steroids and is always watching and always questioning. Did you make your calls today? Did you follow up on the most important things needed done or just the easiest things? Find someone to be your accountability partner who is tough and you be tough in return. You may not like it, however, you will have greater results.

For accountability, you won’t find a more supportive company or group of agents in Kansas City than Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Kansas City Homes. Partner with the best, contact us today!

BHG Kansas City Homes announces new East office!!

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Kansas City Homes is excited to announce plans to open a new branch office in the east part of town at 3367 NE Ralph Powell Road, Lee’s Summit, MO 64064.

"We have always wanted a presence in Eastern Jackson County," said President/CEO David Cooper, "but we waited until the timing was right and the right person was available to run the operation." 

Experienced real estate broker Steve Banks will manage our new East office. Steve has been in the business for 20+ years, most recently as a broker/owner with Re/Max. He has been highly involved with KCRAR and served as the Association’s President in 2012. 

Welcome Steve Banks and our new East Office!

Kristi Ferrara, managing broker of our Northland office, talks about the power of positive thinking in real estate. Of course, Kristi has a lot to be excited about these days with our December company change to Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate and the recent opening of her brand new office at 4166 NW Barry Rd, KCMO, 64154.

The environment in which you work is relative to how you approach your day and your ongoing success, especially in real estate. You’ll find this positive mindset throughout the BHGKC family. Take a look, talk with a broker and ensure your success.

Celebrating Earth Day/Month!

What better way to celebrate Earth Day/Month than giving all of our agents access to our company forms on DotLoop…a paperless transaction and signature platform. 

A few months ago, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Kansas City Homes decided to move ahead in the paperless movement. Digital signatures have quickly become mainstream in the Kansas City real estate market and we’ve decided to embrace this change with the company we thought was best suited for the partnership, DotLoop.

Now our agents have accounts with full access to company forms and the ability to manage entire transactions on a paperless platform.

Join a company that makes consistent efforts to stay up-to-date and help agents be more efficient. Start the conversation with one of our brokers today!

Managing the Process

Here at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Kansas City Homes we like to give our agents the necessary tools to be the most professional in the industry. One of those ‘tools’ just happens to be education about how to manage the real estate transaction process from start to finish. In Joanna Williams' post, Who Owns This House, we see one of the many items real estate agents can manage to help make a transaction go smoothly.

Our agent’s relationships with other agents in the area factor heavily into the professional reputation we like to uphold. Is it time to align yourself with a company that cares enough to educate and train on a regular basis? Contact us to start a conversation that could change your career.

Important Skills for Real Estate Agents in 2013

Today, we’re focusing on skillset instead of toolset. Let me explain. For a few years now, there’s been a lot of focus on how to use tech tools in real estate. I think 2013 is the year to STOP that and shift our thoughts back to honing our skills. To roll along with this idea I’ve posed this question to our  Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Kansas City Homes brokers: what do you feel are the most important skills for agents this year?

First up, we have a great response from our Leawood Broker/Manager, Steve Moyer.

Effective and premeditated communication will be critical to successful transactions in 2013.  As we transition, or should I say, suddenly find ourselves in a seller’s market, the ability to prepare all parties for the sale is essential.   Buying and selling a home is an emotional decision and stressful process.  With fewer homes on the market, making decisions quickly is more important than ever.

Sellers need to understand how to approach multiple offers, what to do if a second contract appears after they have verbally agreed to an offer, or how to handle back-up offers.  The time to determine strategy is not under the gun or on the fly.

Buyers need to understand, time is of the essence.  The best properties, even just good properties sell the first day on the market.  

Sales professionals who work with their clients to understand the potential scenarios and put a plan in place while everyone is calm and objective will close more transactions and do so in a less stressful way.  Relationships between Realtors and clients will be decided based on good up front communication.

Our brokers truly care about helping our agents with their skillset as well as their toolset. To start a conversation with a company that has your best interests at heart, contact us today.


Taking Pride in Our Work

Today’s view on the Realtor Code of Ethics comes from Broker/Owner, Kathy Copeland from our College Blvd office.

The Code of Ethics is what helps define us as a highly professional group of sales associates and brokers and what we all strive to attain in our day to day business. It is not just how we treat our clients and customers, vendors and others, but also each other in the Realtor group. It sets a standard of conduct and guidelines for how we work and treat others. As a Realtor, there is pride in what we do, how we act and with whom we have the opportunity to work.

As you can see, our entire management group strives to run our business professionally and with pride. It’s so important for companies to have aligned values from the top down, and I feel like Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Kansas City Homes excels when it comes to professionalism.